Your NewChesapeake Bay Boston Terrier!

BATHING:  Boston's are normally clean dogs that will require very little in the bathing dept. however, should your Boston need a bath, be sure to use very light sensitive shampoo.  I even reccomend using Baby Shampoo for their sensitive skin. 

BRUSHING:  Boston's may not have a thick long coat, however they do shed!  In the darker colors they will start to turn a reddish / brown color when they start to blow their coat.  Using a few swipes with a shedding blade will help remove the loose hair and give your Boston back their lusterous shiny coat. 

EARS:  Whether cropped or natural, all ears need to be cleaned.  Take a few cottonballs & moisten with hydrogen peroxide.  Use the cotton ball to clean, sanitize, and deodorize those cute Boston ears!  All Boston Terrier's ears should stand up on their own without being cropped.  Some who have very large ears or heavy leather ears, can cause a "break" in the ear, preventing them from standing up.  I found a great page posted by Brindle Hill Boston Terriers that goes into great detail on this process.  If you use their steps, please be sure to let them know!  (View thier page here with detailed steps on taping!)

NAILS:  I can not begin to tell you how important it is to keep their nails clipped short!  They can grow very quickly and are very sharp. 



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