Formerly known as Emrick Danes then Mafia Danes, I have raised, bred, & shown Great Danes for the last 22 years, since 1997.  We were originally located in Huntingtown, MD then re-located to Glen Burnie, MD.  With each litter, I strived to produce puppies that follow the Great Dane Standard, are happy, healthy, and have that wonderful temperament that Danes are known for having.  I only bred for quality blacks and blues using both Imports and American Danes.  My Danes and puppies were raised in the home as part of the family and I expected that same loving care to carry over to whoever joined our Mafia Family.   I believe in the BARF diet, Rule of the 8's, and the Bio-Sensor Program when it comes to raising my pups.

I have just recently retired from Great Danes and am now enjoying the wonderful LARGE personality of Boston Terriers! 


Tanya Kelly

Born in Baltimore, MD and raised in Calvert County.  Here is where I lived & ran under my kennel name of Emrick Danes.  In August 2007, I relocated to Glen Burnie, MD under the new and improved name of Mafia Danes, and now I am back in Baltimore County!  My passion for dogs began when I was 15 years old as I participated with my family to raise Sch. Shepherds.  From here I went on to Great Danes and I had been captured by this wonderful breed for the past 20+ years.  I have raised numerous beautiful litters, became a member of the local Great Dane Club, and have tried my hand at showing on various occasions. 

I'm excited about our next venture into the GIANT world of Boston Terriers! 



Sparrows Point, MD             (443) 800-5709