Our Selection Process

Want to become a parent to one of our Chesapeake Bay Boston's and interested in how our process works? 

(1) RESEARCH - Research Boston Terriers to make sure you understand the breed and make an informed decision to whether or not a Boston will fit with your family and lifestyle.  Ask questions.  Contact us.  Contact other breeders.  Understand any health issues & pedigree's. 

(2) PRICING - Understand our pricing - Well-bred Boston's are not cheap!  Our pricing is $1850 for Limited Registration.  Our deposits are $250 to get on the waiting list once approved (see the Square Invoice link to pay below in the footer of our website or on the mobile navigational bar) and then 50% down ($800) to hold your selected puppy once the puppies are born (again see paypal link to pay below in the footer of our website). Our Boston's come with AKC Registration and parents are always health tested.  Remember, you get what you pay for!  Other Registrations may be cheaper or maybe the breeders didn't get breeding rights and found a loop hole on how to still breed even though their parents aren't supposed to be bred. Balance of $800 is due when you pick your baby up.  We only accept CASH for balances paid!  If we need to keep your baby past the 8 week mark, we may charge more so please discuss that with us prior.

(3) CONTRACT - We have a very detailed contract on what we expect from anyone interested in one of our Chesapeake Bay Bostons.  Read our contract to see if you have any questions on what is involved.  If you do not like our contract or what we expect, then please don't waste your time or our time completing an Application.

(4) APPLICATION - Complete the Puppy Application so that we have more information about you, your family, and what you are looking for in the breed.  This will help us determine if we think we will have a puppy that is suitable for you and to help us guide you in a puppy that best suits your needs based on personality and other traits. 

(5) YOU'RE APPROVED!  If approved, you will receive an email from us letting you know that everything looks good and that we believe you may be a good fit for a Chesapeake Bay Boston.

(6) CONTACT LIST - Once approved, you will be added to our contact list to receive updates on our breedings, litters, etc. via our e-mail list.  Keep an eye out for our emails and let us know if you do not receive any of our Newsfeeds.

(7) CONTRACTS & DEPOSITS - Once we have several successful ties, we then accept a limited number of contracts and applications to hold your place on our pick list!  We don't like to count our chickens before they hatch, so I will only accept a maximum of 4 deposits; 2 for males and 2 for females.  If we have less than 2, we will either refund your deposit by way of check or paypal, or you can keep your deposit on hand for our next litter, giving you then first pick the next round.  At this point, you would complete our contract and mail or email to us along with your deposit.  Deposits ($250) can be made by either check made out to Tanya Kelly or securely on-line using Paypal HERE!.  Your pick will be on a first come - first serve basis and I will list your name so that you may follow our list. 

(8)  UPDATES - We will continue to send updates on momma and her pregnancy.  Once puppies arrive, we will upload photos, weights, descriptions, pricing information, videos, and more! 

(9) PICKING YOUR BABY - Once puppies are a week old, their eyes will start to open and we can get a good health clearance.  This is when we will start to ask those on our list to begin picking their baby out.  We have quite a few of our buyers that come from across the United States that do not have the ability to see their puppy in person and rely on our expertise and breeding history to help them choose their new family member.  Because of this, we can not wait very long for the puppy selection process.  We will give the first two people on our list, the pick male and pick female, a chance to pick out their baby.  I usually give a week for this process.  By the time the puppies are a couple of weeks old, I will then move on to the next 2 on my list, the second pick male and second pick female.  Again, they will have a week to pick their puppy, until I move on to the 3rd on our list.  At 4 weeks old, I typically have all puppies from our litter already sold and spoken for. At this point, you would pay $800 (see paypal link below in the footer of our website).  This holds your pick baby.

(10) WATCH YOUR BABY GROW!  Throughout this process, you will continue to receive updates and photos on how your new little additon is doing.  We will be doing the Bio-Sensor Program and utilizing the "8" Rule, along with socializing within our family. 

(11) PICK UP - We can't wait to meet all our new family members in person!  We do not ship our babies as we feel we need to meet and get a last final great feal between everyone, puppy and new owners included!  We will start to arrange pick-up times, giving everyone 30 min increments to have time to ask any questions and to go over everything, including any paperwork, etc. Final Deposits of $800 are due before taking your new baby home.  All final payments must be made in CASH only!  If we have to keep your baby past the 8 week mark, we may charge more; please ask.

(12) LIFETIME UPDATES!  It is in our contract that you provide us updates on how your new baby is adjusting.  This will never end.  We must know how they are doing, even at 10 years old, so that we may always continue to learn for our breeding program.  We are always available for any questions or concerns that you may have as your Boston grows with your family.  If we do not have an answer, we will help you find the best way to get it as we know first hand that there is always something new to be learned. 


If you are confident and comfortable with our process, you are on the right track to becoming an owner of a Chesapeake Bay Boston Terrier!


Sparrows Point, MD             (443) 800-5709          ChesapeakeBayBostons@gmail.com