Items Needed for Your New Puppy!

  • FOOD - Purina ProPlan Focus Small Breed Puppy Sensitive Skin & Stomach.  Your little addition will be use to getting this kibble.  This particular food doesn't have chicken, corn, wheat, or soy.  They will also be getting use to RAW.  As a topper, we give a bit of Purina Pro Plan Focus Puppy Canned food Turkey; Grain Free.  If you decide to go with another suggested kibble, you may wish to have a bag of this on hand of ease of transitioning.  Bostons are knows for allergies and this food has proven to work very well with our particular group of Tuxedo babies

  • FEEDING DISHES - A set that has a rubber / silicone pad to it and holds the bowls in place are AMAZING with these crazy little balls of energy!

  • LITTER BOX EXTRA LARGE - If you aren't home to help take your little one out every couple of hours.  Any sort of large tray or even a Tote Bottom works well!

  • PINE PELLETS STALL BEDDING or TURF GRASS - I've tried the pellets with mine in the past and struggled with them eating them so this time I am trying turf / artificaial grass in hopes it helps them transition to going outside easier.

  • LEASH (COLLAR) - Your puppy will weight around 5 lbs.  When taking home your little one, an average collar that should still fit is a size: Small 12"-16".  Your little one will be going home with a custom collar but will outgrow it very fast!  As for a leash, it is best to start with a very thin and lightweight leash.  This will aide in leash training.

  • HARNESS - When walking your little one, please always use a harness; not the collar.  When your little one comes home, he/she will PROBABLY be a size Small harness however this will change quickly.

  • TRAINING TREATS - Very VERY small pieces.  Too many and too big will cause your new addition to get an upset belly.  I suggest hot dog chopped up into little bits. It is very flavorful and "smelly" to get their attention.

  • BEDDING - Any fluffy bedding will work.  He/She will most likely be in your bed or your lap at all times anyway! 

  • DAY TIME PLACEMENT - a large crate that has a partition that can grow with your puppy. 

  • NIGHT TIME PLACEMENT - a portable baby play pen.  If you want to get sleep the first few weeks, I suggest using a play pen at your bedside.  Your new puppy will have to take a bathroom break throughout the night.  This way, he/she will actually fall asleep with your arm in the pen, wake you up when necessary, and fall right back to sleep.  THIS WORKS VERY WELL!

  • A VET  - Call and plan your new puppy appointment ahead of time.

  • TOYS - Nothing too big that your little one can't play with and carry around.  The toys will grow in size as your new addition does.

For puppy training, remember your little baby will need to releave himself/herself after eating and sleeping.  As soon as he/she wakes up, run them outside for a quick potty break, be sure to give a treat and plenty of praise.  Boston Terrier's are very food driven and love to please.  If you should EVER have any questions or concerns, please email me at or call my cell which is (443) 800-5709.


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