We are new to breeding Boston Terriers, but have 20+ years experience in breeding Great Danes.  Below are a few of our favorite Testimonials from past buyers of our Great Danes.  As our new breeding program continues with our Chesapeake Bay Boston's, we will continue to update our Testimonials. To submit your own Testimonial, please feel free to use the form on this page.

" Bleu is gorgeous and such a wonderful family memeber.  He's my shadow and so loving.  He's also comical and makes me laugh all the time.  I don't think I've ever had a better companion.  So blessed!  Thank you for wonderful, lovable, knowledgeable and experienced breeding." 

-Savel Banger (09/14/17)


I got my boy Gunther from Tanya in 2004. I lost him in 2016. I still miss him so much. He was the best boy. I truly believe that his loving / calm personality was all due to Tanya's efforts prior to me getting him. I sadly missed out on the opportunity to get a pup from Tanya in the fall, and still regret it. I have a year old pup from another breeder, but she's not near as well rounded with life as Gunther was as a pup. He loved everyone and everyone loved him. I've always been thankful to have met Tanya.

-Tracy Miller


Hi Tanya, Lady Blue's mom here. Love your new site. Very glad to see you are still breeding danes. Lady is the most impressive dane anyone around syracuce has ever seen. She continues to amaze the public. She continues to be in good health at 7 years old and I am very happy about that. I am sorry to see her mom has passed. I will be heart broken when Lady passes. She has been the most loyal, loving dog I have ever had the pleasure to experience. Just wanted to let you know Lady is doing great, having a great life and still very healthy. Good luck on the new litter and I hope you will still be breeding if and when I need a new puppy.   

-Mary Copani


I love all dogs! Especially big dogs! I've been doing my research on larger dog breeds, and I've become most interested in Great Danes! And I think that the blue great danes are beautiful! I'm absolutely interested in having one of your great dane puppies! :) 



Beautiful Danes!
And great information, my fiance and I are planning on getting a Dane when we're married and settled in. He lives near you already but I'm from Western Canada! :)
He's had several Danes over his lifetime and during his years in Germany was introduced to the BARF diet. We're planning on continuing that with our first puppy together.
Great information, great site!
I hope everything goes well with your next litter of pups!

-Meagan Bagely


Your site is so extremely helpful in preparing me for raising a Dane! No matter how hard it seems, being prepared with all of that information makes me feel ready. I can't wait to get a Dane for my family. Hopefully from you! Thanks again.

-Ashley Fitzhugh


your website ist great and your danes are wunderfull!!
Greetings from Germany



I've spent most of my non productive work day on your website falling more and more in love with your puppies. I have always loved big dogs and am finally in a place where I can fit one. I look forward to hearing from you and getting to see / take home one of your adorable blue giants... :) You seem to have a following of people that are completely thrilled with the dogs you have sold and that gives me a comfort when considering you as my breeder. I love the family aspect of your entire "family" and look forward to being allowed to be a part of it.

-Sean Porter


Hello all,
We got our beautiful Annabelle from (then named) Emrick Danes. We have been so blessed with Annabelle (now 2yrs old) She is such a sweet girl (most of the time) Danes are such good dogs. This is our second Dane. (the first we lost to bloat at the age of 5) RIP SISQO.... we miss you still. We also have a 8yr old English Mastiff (Einstein) and the newest addition 1yr old St. Bernard (Bubba). We all live in Hampstead Md. We also have a 11mo old girl (Addison) and a 2yr old boy (Gavin). Annabelle is clearly Gavin's buddy. She follows him and is very protective of him. The Emrick Dane/Mafia Dane Family is great. They always keep us posted on all the latest news. Down the road we would like to come to one of the romps but as you can see we are SUPER busy.... I cannot say enough about Danes. They are GREAT... no pun intended..lol....

-Mike Boer


Being a graduate of United States K-9 Academy and having trained many dogs in obedience, advanced OB and personal protection my family and I are very proud to say we purchased our great dane from Mafia Great Danes. Your dogs not only have beauty but brains, a rare combination. Lennox's looks and temperament are outstanding. You truly are breeders with ethics. Lennox is a show stopper wherever we take him. Please don't ever change or compromise your breeding programs.

-Fred, Vincent and Irene Schepis
K-9 Control, Master Trainer
Marlton, NJ


I can't thank Tanya enough! Our Leana is just fantastic. She is so playful and full of joy. She took to our home right away and now thinks of it as her own.  Tanya was wonderful at explaining everything necessary in raising her. Anyone that is truly interested in raising a Great Dane should get in touch with Tanya... She knows what she is doing and is truly passionate.  Tanya... I just want to say thank you very much!!

-Joe Cronise



Our new little boy is an absolute joy! Kudos and many, many thanks to Tanya for giving him a great start! He is the sweetest puppy we've ever owned! He is healthy and playful and seems to want to please us. What a great addition to our family!   

-Julie Heflin


We picked up our new addition this past Sunday and we are thrilled. She is not only beautiful but smart. loving and very even tempered. Her mother is a beautiful dog, also very sweet. We are already well on our way to house training, she is so easy, she has transitioned perfectly into her new home.  Tanya raised a beautiful loving sea of blue. She kept in constant touch with updates and took the time to discuss in depth the food regiment. I am thankful she let us become part of the family. We have always had a dane and I have to tell you if you miss out on one of these pups from this litter you will regret it.

-Roxane Gabrielson


Greetings from Germany send Marina and Rene. Very Nice Danes and beautiful Website. Wish you all the very best for your breeding programm

-Great Dane Kennel vom Mephisto


I have had the honor and pleasure of knowing one of your pups owned by Liz and Dave Money here in Indianapolis. Bogey is a wonderful beautiful boy from your last litter. Liz and Dave are now very involved in Great Dane Rescue, Inc. I did their homecheck to adopt one of our dogs and thus began the relationship with rescue. If this new litter is anything like Bogey, and I am sure they will be, then the new owners should be dancing in the street. Bogey is a fabulous representative of the breed. (I think I am in love with the orange puppy - what a face!

-Joyce Crawley
Great Dane Rescue, Inc.
Indiana, Michigan, Alabama, Ontario,Illinois,parts of Ohio.


The best day ever was when I got to Maryland to picked up Stromboli. Seeing all those loved pups running around and then meeting the infamous Kane. WOW. Stromboli has been coddled since he was born and now I don't know if that is good or bad because he is the biggest Momma's boy ever. He is great with people, kids, other animals and people are constantly mistaking him for another human. He is the most kind, gentlist human, I mean dog ever. Tanya does the best job with these litters. From informing you when the parents become pregant, to the application, to the pickup with the babybook. It makes everything so personal. She truly cares about every dog. Her and I have stayed very closed since Stromboli came into our family and that was four years ago. I wouldnt' go anywhere else for another dog. I have had always had small dogs and never wanted a big dog, but these dogs area amazing. They are so gentle and loving and their personalities are something that can not be described. Thank you Tanya for the job you did before we got Stromboli. Thank you for the love you have for these animals. Anyone wanting a pup from her WILL not be disappointed.

-Jill McCarthy
Coral Springs, FL  



DANE BUYERS BEWARE:  It seems there have been several websites that are scams and actually collecting deposits from people using Testimonals from MAFIA DANES (formerly EMRICK DANES) family members!  Please help spread the word that this is not a legitimate breeder!  If your Testimonal for us is on this site, please continue to reach out to them.  I've contacted the police and was told that they are overseas so there isn't much I can do about it.  I get alot of emails and calls from people asking why my testimonials are on this scam web site.  I have worked way too hard, way too long to let a scammer drag my reputation in the mud!  The most recent website is: https://www.riverlandsgreatdanehome.com/testimonials/


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