Male puppy available - Reduced due to Ectrodactyly

Our little blue collared boy was born with a bit of a birth defect.  Most dogs have 4 toes on the front paw with a dew claw.  There are some breeds that are bred to have 5 toes on their feet.  These are usually working breeds that need to climb uneven surfaces.  Our little boy was born without a dew claw, but with an extra toe and a paw that is a bit split.  The term is Ectrodactyly and is also common in cats.  Its gives the dog a "big foot" look as the paw is bulky due to an extra digit and the split of the toes.  He doesn't seem to have any other defects and is playing and eating as well as his litter mates.  We've been keeping a close eye on him.  From what we understand, if he had more than one foot affected, it would be questioned if it was genetic however, due to it being on only one paw, the Vets believe it is congenital, not hereditary.  In light of his little handicap, we've reduced his price down from $1600 to $1000. Whoever gets this precious boy with a huge heart will have to keep his nails trimmed regularly.