Sampsons All That of Chesapeake Bay (Bore)

  • City, State: Sparrows Point, MD
  • Email Address:
  • Breeder: Tara Elmeaze
  • AKC #: NP52724404
  • Ribbon Color: Lime Green
  • Color / Markings: Black & White
  • Weight: ~25 lbs
  • Juvenile Cataracts, JHC Cleared: Cleared
  • Canine Hyperuricosuria, HUU Cleared: Cleared
Sampson's All That of Chesapeake Bay (Bore)

Bore is our TRUE little gentleman! He is black & white with a black & white pedigree. He's been JHC, HUU, and DM cleared. He weighs 25 lbs. He has such a sweet yet comical personality! He has no issues with climbing on my shoulders and wrapping himself around my neck like a scarf. He also likes to climb on the top of the couch and perch there like a kitty cat. He doesn't like to be ignored so if I'm on my phone or watching TV on the couch, he will climb on my shoulders and start pawing at me gently. As long as I hold his paw, he's perfectly content. When I'm standing, he can almost jump up to my shoulders, yet he refuses to jump on the bed. He sits and waits patiently for me to pick him up and place him on the bed like a little prince. You can see the love in his eyes and his facial expressions and when he gently paws for me to hold his "hand".

Chesapeake Bay Bostons Stud Contract