Queen Sheba of Chesapeake Bay (Sea-Sea)

  • City, State: Sparrows Point, MD
  • Email Address: Info@ChesapeakeBayBostons.com
  • Breeder: Lewis Miller
  • AKC #: NP52349602
  • Color / Markings: Black & White
  • Weight: ~28 lbs
  • Juvenile Cataracts, JHC Cleared: Cleared
  • Canine Hyperuricosuria, HUU Cleared: Cleared
Queen Sheba of Chesapeake Bay (Sea-Sea)

Sea-Sea is our precious and spunky black and white female. She's been JHC, HUU, and DM cleared. She weighs 28 lbs. so she's on the bigger side of the Boston scales. She was 1 in a litter of 12! She is momma's little side-kick & likes to be in eye-sight at all times. She is my sporty Boston as she loves to jump, play tug, and is obsessed with playing fetch! She has the floppy ears as her ears have never stood up but I love her little ears flopping around as she runs and plays. She also loves blankets and as soon as she see's me grabbing a blanket, she will jump on me and quickly borrow herself under the blankets and snuggle in nice and warm. She is a toy-hog and tries to grab all the bones and toys in her mouth at the same time so that no one else will have "her" things.