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Clay Hill George (George) Clay Hill George (George) Pedigree
  • Color / Markings: Seal & White
Queen Sheba of Chesapeake Bay (Sea-Sea) Queen Sheba of Chesapeake Bay (Sea-Sea) AKC Pedigree, Juvenile Hereditary Cataracts, JHC: CLEARED / NORMAL, Canine Hyperuricosuria, HUU: CLEARED / NORMAL
  • AKC #: NP52349602
  • Color / Markings: Black & White
  • Juvenile Cataracts, JHC Cleared: Cleared
  • Canine Hyperuricosuria, HUU Cleared: Cleared
Jenny Rose II (Jenny) Jenny Rose II (Jenny) Pedigree
  • AKC #: NP45216201
  • Color / Markings: Black & White