Finley of Chesapeake Bay (Finley - Purple Collar)

Finley of Chesapeake Bay (Finley - Purple Collar)

  • City, State: Gibsonville, NC
  • Litter: 1
  • Ribbon Color: Purple
  • Registration Type: Limited
  • Spay / Nueter Received: Pending
  • Weight: 32 lbs at 10 months old
  • Juvenile Cataracts, JHC Cleared: Pending
  • Canine Hyperuricosuria, HUU Cleared: Pending
  • Patella Luxation Cleared: Pending

Finley of Chesapeake Bay

Weight at Birth: .60 lbs
Weight on 02/12/20 3 days old: .84 lbs

"Finley has turned out to be a spunky guy!  He loves laying around on the beach.  He loves to play with his cat siblings and any other human or animal he sees.  He hates waking up early, and sleeping in the bed between his humnas under the covers is his favorite.  He knows who his parents are and hates when they are out of his sight.  He hates when you get mad at him because he just wants you to be happy and let him kiss you all the time"

- Logan & Parker