Mochi Panda of Chesapeake Bay (Mochi - Red Collar)

Mochi Panda of Chesapeake Bay (Mochi - Red Collar)

  • City, State: Middletown, MD
  • Litter: 1
  • Ribbon Color: Red
  • Spay / Nueter Received: Pending
  • Juvenile Cataracts, JHC Cleared: Pending
  • Canine Hyperuricosuria, HUU Cleared: Pending
  • Patella Luxation Cleared: Pending

Pending Name at Chesapeake Bay

Weight at Birth: .56 lbs
Weight on 02/12/20 3 days old: .77 lbs

Mochi loves to lay on her back and in the arm chair with daddy and brother Harley.  She is very smart and sweet.  She is very lean and long.  We go for walks on her leash and she never walks but she prances, bounces, and has spring in her step.  She is learning to ring the bell to go outside and go potty.  She has minimal accidents in the house.  She loves to eat!  She sleeps through the night in a crate next to mom's bed.  Around 5am, she wakes up, goes outside, then gets to cuddle in bed with mom for a couple of hours.  She's a wonderful pup.  She loves to chew the various Nyla bones.  She also knows how to sit and come!  

- LeAnn